July 25-29

English Week

Sept 12-16

Hindi Week

Oct 17-21

Science Week

Nov 8-11

S.Sc. Week

Dec 6-10

Maths Week

English Week Celebrations 2017

Every year we celebrate English Week, the main objective being to enhance language proficiency. It provides a good training ground for developing communication skills. This year too we conducted the week from 25th July – 28th July 2017. An array of activities was conducted to enhance confidence and competence of the students. It was a challenging job for the judges and a pretty tough challenge for the participants too. We are happy to announce the winners of contests during the week.

Guru Purnima Utsav

Brahmananda Public School, Noida celebrated “Guru Purnima “ Utsav, a spiritual festival that streangthen Guru Shishya parampara. Students and staff gathered to pay tribute to the spiritual guru shrimad Brahmananda ji. Various cultural activities were organized, in which students and teachers actively participated. Students showed their gratitude through song, poem, dance and drama followed by “Dohas and Shlokas”.